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About ChristinesArtVentures

  • ChristinesArtVentures - In Pursuit of Passion

After more than 25 exciting years in the financial industry, Christine decided to spend more time pursuing her other passions: photography, sports, travelling, food, and gardening.

This resulted in setting up ChristinesArtVentures.

One of the first projects was organizing a retrospective photography exhibition of Christine's photographic work dating 1998 - 2018. “A Moment in Time” was shown October 26 – November 8, 2018, at Trinity Art Space in Singapore.

More exhibitions, among them various solo exhibitions, gallery exhibitions, magazine contributions, and various other projects have since taken place. 

Watch this website for updates!

  • ChristinesArtVentures - The Person

Christine grew up in Metzingen, a small town, nestled at the foot of the Swabian Alb, near Stuttgart, South-Western Germany. While growing up in the countryside kindled Christine’s love for nature and the outdoors, her father’s business travels very early on started a keen interest for the world beyond the Swabian Alb, particularly China.


An economist by background, Christine also studied Chinese and spent a year at Fudan University, Shanghai, to attend Chinese language courses and lectures in Economics as part of a postgraduate scholarship. As the experiences made during the year in China were very captivating and fascinating, Christine decided to one day come back.


This happened in May 1997, when Christine was sent by her company – she meanwhile had started a career in the insurance industry – to Shanghai to help set up their life insurance company and later to head their Shanghai Representative Office. Christine and her husband, Boris, stayed four and a half years in Shanghai before being posted to Singapore in October 2001. Initially this was meant to be for a year or two.


Christine and Boris are still in Singapore. Both liked Singapore very much so they decided to stay. They have put down their roots in Singapore also to give their two children some stability during their schooling.  

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