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Please contact Christine via the contact page of this website if you are interested in purchasing any of her ArtItems (or any of her pictures).



There are a selection of neutral greeting cards around the topics below on sale:

- Asia

- Beach  

- Festivals

- Flowers



You can also purchase a selection of ArtNotepads. Check out the beautiful motifs!

The ArtNotepads are available in 3 sizes: A4, A5, and A6.



Here is a first selection of home decorative items: beautiful placemats. Have a look at the available designs!

The placemats have a corked back and a laminated finish, designed to be long lasting. The size is 38cm x 28cm.

For enquiries or customization of the ArtItems like for example customized text, please contact Christine.


50% of the proceeds of Christine’s sales including the sales at her exhibitions go to Singapore Cancer Society.


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